Special Education Process Coordinator Coppenbarger retires


Peyton Kleber

Coppenbarger will retire at the end of the school year.

Isabella Thach, OTMS Productions I

Cecilia Coppenbarger is a Special Education Process Coordinator, and has been working at the school for 19 years. She will be retiring soon.

As a Special Education Process Coordinator, Coppenbarger makes sure students get the educational services and equipment they need in order to participate in public education like other students. She also manages and assists the special education teachers.

“I’m going to miss the students more than anything,” said Coppenbarger. “I enjoy working with them, finding things that will help them, and then watching them grow and be successful.  The students I have worked with make me laugh, feel a sense of amazement when they reach goals, and overall just brighten my day!”

Principle Robert Shepherd has been working with Coppenbarger for 12 years.

“It makes me sad because I’ve worked with her [for] so long that we’ve become good friends, and so my friend will be leaving me,” Shepherd said.

Seventh grade special education teacher Kara Gillan will miss Coppenbarger’s strong leadership skills, expertise with students and parents, and dedication to her work. 

“Mrs. Coppenbarger has a big heart, she loves supporting and helping students and staff,” Gillan said. “She has high expectations and holds everyone in her department accountable. She is very resourceful and knowledgeable.”

Coppenbarger plans to relax and take some time off after retirement. She loves dogs and might find something to do where she can work with animals, like volunteering at a shelter or working at a vet’s office.



**This story was edited on Jan. 17 to change the spelling of Gillan’s name. It was incorrectly spelled in the original story and we apologize for the error.