Review: Ginny and Georgia


Kylie Morgan, Staff, 5th hour OTMS Productions II

The cast of Ginny and Georgia started filming the show February 24 2021. They just came out with season 2 and now about to release season 3 you can find Ginny and Georgia on Netflix. Ginny and Georgia is not based on a true story but Ginny and Georgia was based on original work written by a group of gifted writers. With Ginny and Georgia they will only have four seasons.

Ginny and Georgia has good reviews and in my opinion I would rate it and five stars due to I have a lot in common with the show. The show has so many turning points and if you miss one thing in the show it has so many plot twists that¬† will get very crazy trying to figure out what’s going on. With the show the actors are really good and it does get sad seeing Georgia’s past. Due to the show if you like drama shows like I do I think you will like Ginny and Georgia. With the show there is a lot of break up and people crying. There are some bad parts in my opinion but it comes all together and makes it a really good show and it was easy to understand.¬†

According to Netflix Ginny had a lot of questions of what her mom did when she was younger that she figured out when she was older but her mom never told her because all her mom wanted to do is protect her and did everything for her. Ginny had a lot of panic attacks then her dad put her in therapy after finding out what Ginny did and her dad hid it from her mom until her mom found out what she did. If I would give it an overall review I would give it a 5 star rating.