Play cast prepares for showtime

in the hood

“In the Hood” is a play written by Pat Lydersen. It is produced by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service, Inc. from Denver, CO.

Peyton Kleber, OTMS Productions II, 5th hour

The cast and crew are hustling and bustling trying to get everything done for the upcoming play, “In the Hood”. This play is written by Pat Lydersen.

The directors Kaitlyn Long and Amber Rumpel are very proud of this year’s cast, though there are some things that they were hoping to figure out before opening night. 

“Overall there are people hanging with each other which is awesome, but they are in cliques and that’s not what we really want to see,” Rumpel said. “We want to see the cast coming together and mixing around, just becoming a family over all the differences!”

Some cast members even say their characters are rubbing off on them. Alex Coleman, an eighth grader, has seen this happening to himself as he learns his part.

“I guess you could say my character has rubbed off on me,” Coleman said. I mean I have been way more appreciative of my time with family and friends seeing as from what the play has taught me it’s not all rainbows and sunshine.” 

While people look forward to meeting the good heroes of the story, you can’t have a hero without a bad guy as well. Lily Lang, a seventh grader, is experiencing that side of the story, for the first time, playing the bad guy in the play.

“I love playing the bad guy, I mean someone has to do it right?” Lang said. “But overall I’m 89% confident that I’ll be ready with a bad attitude and a scary face, though the thought of being on stage in front of a BUNCH of people is nerve racking seeing as I have never done this before.” 

While every cast member is rushing to get their lines and blocking perfect, the crew members are also rushing to get the props and backdrops built and painted in time. Noa Kaleikau was super excited to help with the play and rushed right in to sign up and get started from how much fun he had during last year’s musical “Rock Around the Block”. 

“I am super excited to get started working on the sound and microphones for the play, I loved doing that last year!” Kaleikau said. “I am also doing something different this year. I’m doing backdrops and working with the cast backstage. I can’t wait for the whole play to come together in general.”

The cast and crew are almost ready for opening night and are excited to show everyone what they have learned and accomplished in the last five months. Rumpel and Long want to remind everyone that this Thursday and Friday night 7:00-8:30 p.m. is when the play is happening at the high school PAC, and encourage people to come and watch!