End of semester creates stress

Students and teachers stress about the semester ending while also dealing with outside stress.


Lana Barnhill

Students get ready to start their bellwork.

Lana Barnhill, 3rd Hour OTMS Productions

The semester is coming to an end quickly and there is only so much time left to wrap up the first semester. Some teachers have missed days of school because of outside school reasons, causing stress on teaching. Students have fallen behind in learning because of missed days, causing stress with school work. 

For example, seventh grade science teacher Kenzie Bennett is not only teaching but trying to plan her wedding at the same time, which seems like it could be stressful at times. 

“My wedding has taken the backseat. I haven’t done a whole lot of planning,” Bennett said. 

She states she hasn’t had much stress as a teacher but wants to try hard to make meaningful lessons for her students. When it comes to reducing stress she likes to work out. 

“I lift weights and kickbox. I really like working out these days,” Bennett said. 

Mr. Shepherd is also always there to help reduce the teacher’s stress. 

“He’s always available to talk,” Bennett says, “I can go to his office and he’s available to talk about anything.”

Seventh grader Destiny Wilson deals with lots of stress on a daily basis. Whether it’s navigating around the school in a wheelchair, getting to class on time, and even being able to be at school. She has missed more school because of doctors appointments and was even quarantined at one time.

“Missing school does affect me, I get behind a lot and low grades,” Wilson said. She noted it’s stressful constantly getting caught up in her classes.

She stresses a lot knowing that there’s less than a month left to finish everything that needs to be done before winter break. When relieving stress, Wilson likes to talk to someone. 

“I like to talk to my friends and the counselor,” Wilson said.

Mr. Shepherd has helped teachers and students prevent stress in many ways. He wants the teachers to have fun. 

“We play games and have popcorn on Fridays,” Shepherd said.

He says he lets the teachers come and talk to him because he wants them to know he’s approachable.  He also wants to reduce stress in students. He said he created the spirit weeks to help reduce stress in both students and teachers.

Clubs were created for the purpose of letting students talk to and to get to know one another.

The sub and bus shortages stresses him the most, but he doesn’t take it personally. He reduces that stress by working out and lifting weights.

“I know when students get mad they’re not mad at me they’re mad at the situation,” Shepherd said.

Many can’t wait for this semester to end and to see what this next semester brings.