Power outage leave students, staff in the dark


Kim Kiser

Seventh grade saxophone players Harper Allin and Bella Samson read their music using a cellphone’s flashlight despite the darkness.

Kannon LeHotta & William Wallace, OTMS Productions II, 6th hour

On Monday, Jan. 10, a transformer caught fire causing the power to go out. The affected schools were the high School, Fire Prairie, CTC,  Lewis and Clark, and OTMS. The power was out for about 90 minutes throughout the fifth and sixth hour. Many faculty and students were shaken by this surprise. 

Principal Robert Shepherd was not at school the day of this outage. He was worried when he got the news. 

¨I was actually sitting in a dentist chair when I got a text message,” Shepherd said.  “So I started texting the assistant principals to make sure everything was okay.¨ 

Eighth grader Alec Bosley was initially surprised at the sudden loss of power, though he soon welcomed the surprise. Bosley was in Taylor’s room when the power went out and had to eat lunch in the dark cafeteria. During lunch, Bosley just had one thing on his mind.

 “I was just making sure I had apple juice,” Bosley said. 

Seventh grader Dawson Lucas was shaken by this surprise. He was in Ms. Kempers ELA class when the power went out. 

¨I thought, Wow, what happened?¨ Lucas said ¨Then after a minute I thought, Wow, lets go no more work for a little while.¨

Mrs. Kiser was teaching her woodwinds class when the lights started to go out. 

“After I read the email that we would be in the dark for a little while, I told my woodwinds to get their phones out to illuminate their music,” Kiser said.