Pattie Enloe retires from Fort after 28 years


Melody Hamilton

Pattie Enloe has decided to retire.

Alexis Dang & Melody Hamilton, 6th hour OTMS Productions II

Pattie Enloe, a paraprofessional, has decided to retire this year after working eighteen years at OTMS.  Prior to her time at OTMS, Enloe worked at Cler-Mont, Elm Grove, and Fire Prairie.

Paraprofessionals (also known as paras) are vigilant people ready to help students and staff, but many don’t know the important role they play at school.

“[I] support the teachers by providing extra help in the classroom. Mostly, I am in science and social studies classes,” Enloe said.

Enloe works in an environment where she sees certain staff and students on a daily basis.  She’s made many connections. 

“My best memories have always been people!” Enloe said. “I have gotten to know so many great staff members and awesome students. I love running into a student who is ‘all grown up’ and finding out they are doing great.” 

Twenty eight years of being a helping hand in one place to another, it’s her time to choose another path and receive a break.

“I will continue to work part-time at Mid-Continent Library,” Enloe said. “I have been there for 12+ years. I’m also looking forward to having more time to spend with my family. I’m not worried about finding enough to do.” 


This story was edited on 1/31/22 at 2:10 pm to correct the misspelling of Pattie Enloe’s name and the number of years she has worked at OTMS.