Semester two electives begin


Tanner Barter

Students in Costanzo’s 4th hour Design and Modeling class work on their Chromebooks.

Lilyenn McFarland, Aaliyah Eidson, & Mallori Frost, 3rd Hour OTMS Productions II

Second semester started on Jan. 5 and students received new elective classes.

Students had different feelings about their new classes as some people didn’t sign up for classes and were placed randomly in open classes.  Some received classes they chose but they weren’t what they expected.  Some are loving their new classes.   

Seventh grader Jovany Garcia has PE/Health, OTMS Productions II, and Design and Modeling.  He is enjoying PE the most.

“I enjoy the games and the running,” Garcia said.

While many love their new classes; some have not liked all the classes they received. 

Seventh grader Heather Posadas has Health/PE, Spanish II and Industrial Tech for her elective classes. She isn’t enjoying her elective class Health/PE.

“I just don’t like any of the running and the games,” Posadas said. 

Some students didn’t have much of a choice in what their electives were.  Many parents may have chosen their child’s elective classes. New students may have less opportunity to get classes they want due to class sizes.

Seventh grader Kenzie Monger has FACS and Theater Arts. She has been enjoying her FACS class.

“I love FACS class because there are a lot of funny people there and all of my friends are there,”  Monger said.

Students who join in the middle of the year sometimes don’t get the classes they want. 

Seventh Grader Layla Dunlap has Music Technology, Health/PE and OTMS Productions as her elective classes. 

“Music Tech is my least favorite class. [It’s] not a class I wanted and I had to have it,” Dunlap said.

Seventh grade counselor Becky McIntyre said that sometimes students receive classes that are not their first choice.  

“If the class that a student has requested is full then we (counselor or principal) will have to select a different class for the student,” McIntyre said.  “We will first look at the students’ alternate choices.  This typically only happens to seventh grade students because we try to give priority to our eighth graders and their class selections.”