Chicks hatching brings excitement


Aidrick Keys

Chickens began hatching in the seventh grade science classes. Students enjoyed their time with the chicks.

William Wallace, 6th hour OTMS Productions II

Over a twenty-one day period, seventh grade science classes incubated and took care of chicken eggs, and the chicks that hatched from them. 

Seventh grader Rhett Dizura helped with the naming of the chicks after they hatched.

“I have only named two so far, Duck and Burnt Marshmallow,” Dziura said.

Many wished to make the most out of their short time with the chicks, before they were sent to farms to live out the rest of their lives, as agreed with the farmers who gave the eggs.

“On Thursday, we took the chicks out into the hall and had them play chicken football!” Dziura said.

Hatching and caring for chicks does have an educational purpose, as students learned about the development of cells into larger organisms.

“I think they [students] really enjoyed it,”  Pathfinder science teacher Tia Saxon said. “They got to see a real life example of what we were learning in class.”