Review: Night Ripper is scary good fun


Screenshot of the YouTube trailer for the Night Ripper video game.

Lyla Harrison, 6th hour OTMS Productions II

Disclaimer: This game is not rated and may be too graphic for some.

The Night Ripper is a horror and survival game developed by Puppet Combo and was released in 2017 to Puppet Combos Patreon page, you can also find it on

The Night Ripper is a tall slim man who wears a duck mask, a homburg hat, a long button up jacket and dark pants with a switchblade in one hand. He’s inspired by Jack the Ripper, the English serial killer who used to target prostitutes who were out on the street late at night and has since been unidentified.

The Night Ripper is based in the slums of New York in 1981 and is about a girl named Rachel who you play as, on her trip home after she gets off work. The game starts when Rachel leaves the diner she works at late at night, as she leaves the route she takes home is blocked so she’ll have to go across town.

When on the streets you must avoid the Night Ripper by hiding behind dumpsters and in alleyways, he’s looking for girls on the street in his black sedan. When he sees you an adrenaline bar comes up and you have to regulate it or else it’ll be hard to see your surroundings and he’ll get you.

After a while you make it to a motel that seems to be abandoned  and you have to go through it with the Night Ripper chasing after you. While inside you discover news articles about the Night Ripper and his victims along with a few articles about call girls.

There’s no glitches or problems in the game from what I’ve seen but when you’re in the motel there’s certain rooms the Night Ripper can’t get in. I don’t know if it’s because of the stuff blocking the way since you can still get in or a glitch, but it’s very helpful. 

I love this game and I give it an A on graphics and gameplay along with little to no glitches. If you like horror and adventure games then Puppet Combos games are perfect for you especially if you like older horror games.