How do students feel about taking the MAP test?

Believe it or not, some actually like MAP testing.

Kannon-Ryley LeHotta, 6th hour OTMS Productions II

MAP testing stands for the Missouri Assessment Program. Students third grade through eighth  grade take it each year. Most people I have met despise it but believe it or not some actually like it. 

I was surprised to find out that eighth grader Alexis Dang likes MAP testing. 

 “I like how it frees up assignments in the class we are testing in,” said Dang. “I prefer when they used to block off the entire day, it helped with concentration.”

Eighth grader Emerson Rippee likes MAP testing because of the late work you can get caught up on if you finish early.

“It is basically over stuff you have already and you don’t have to learn anything new,” said Rippee. “I like that it is just a review.”

Seventh grader Leeland Zieger likes the MAP test because he can focus and get work done. 

¨It’s a quiet work time,” said Zieger. “It’s stuff we have already learned.”

Like me, seventh grader Lyla Harrison does not like the MAP test.

“It is too quiet and boring,” Harrison said. “I don’t like having to sit down for a long time when I try to get up, teachers yell at me… . I liked when we got candy, and we were allowed to bring blankets.”