Shrout joins Navigator team


Logan Heavelow

Shrout discusses the events of 9/11 with his class.

Logan Heavelow, OTMS Productions II, 4th hour

Aaron Shrout isn’t a new face to most students in the building.  Before his position as a social studies teacher on the Navigators he was a tech para.

Shrout has been waiting for an opportunity like this.  He has always aimed to get a teaching position.

“I started subbing in 2012 and got my masters in teaching in 2016,” Shrout said.

With his new role, Shrout is employing his own unique methods to his teaching.  He wants his students to be in class and engaged.  With that being said he aims to be engaged with the students.

 “I like to make the material as relatable to the students as possible to help get them engaged because I know that history can be boring for some students,” Shrout said.

Shrout’s previous experience in the building as a tech para has helped in his new role. Having background experience with the technology in the building has given him a helping hand with his classes.  Not only does he know the tech but he also knows a lot of the students he’s teaching

“I think knowing the technology from my previous position and the students has helped a lot,” Shrout said.  

Bella Samson is one of Shrout’s students.  She feels like she can have a personal connection with Shrout.    

“Mr. Shrout isn’t just my teacher, he is my friend and I am so grateful to have him as my teacher and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year will bring,” Samson said in an email.