NJHS elects new officers


Madison Moyer

The 2022-2023 NJHS officers: Kinlea Culbertson, Ryan Taylor, Kannon-Ryley LeHotta and Ackalyn King.

Rebekah Woodward and Shelbie Sanders

On Nov. 2, NJHS had elections for new officers. New officers were needed due to last year’s officers moving on to ninth grade.

The new officers are President Ryan Taylor, Vice President Kannon-Ryley LeHotta, Treasurer Ackalyn King, and Secretary Kinlea Culbertson. These leaders set up ideas for different school events including a winter dance. 

Jean Goss is the sponsor of NJHS along with Amanda Holder. Goss really enjoys sponsoring it and was happy to see the opening her first year working here.

“One of the great things about this group is I don’t have to make any ideas and students come up with many more ideas than I do,” Goss said.

Goss also really enjoys getting to know the students who join NJHS.

“…When we go through the application process, I love reading about the volunteer work they do – at church, through scouts, at Harvesters, and at many other locations around our community. It is wonderful to see so many students doing so many positive thing,” Goss said. 

Holder believes NJHS is an amazing organization that guides student leaders.

“I love being a part of NJHS because I get to volunteer and help students build and learn leadership skills to execute within their communities,” Holder said.

Ryan Taylor is the president of NJHS and ran against Connor Harris. One of the many things she does is lead some of the NJHS meetings. Taylor has many goals for the organization like planning more fundraising events and to let students’ hard work be recognized.

“I wanted to run because I wanted to make a difference in our program,” Taylor said, “NJHS needs to be talked about more because it looks great on college applications and people don’t know that they could work towards this. I thought I could help spread the word.”

Holder felt that the students who ran for the elected positions were qualified and exemplary students.

“The results were close for all candidates but I do believe the students elected will do an amazing job!“ Holder said. 

On Dec. 16, NJHS is hosting a school dance open to seventh and eighth graders.