Nichols moves from math to FACS


Kyleigh Cosgrove

Stephanie Nichols assists students in FACS II with their assignment.

Stephanie Nichols replaced Misty Couch as the new FACS teacher. Couch retired last year.

Nichols has been teaching for nearly 15 years. Last year, she taught math on the Voyagers team. 

Since Mrs. Couch was retiring, and I have always enjoyed cooking. I thought it would be fun to teach FACS,”  Nichols said in an email interview. “I am really enjoying it! I can’t wait til we get into more of the food labs where we are cooking.” 

Nichols has confronted some changes from a math teacher to an elective teacher.

“The main difference is that I am not assigning homework,”  Nichols said. “Everything can be completed in class instead of giving nightly math assignments.”

Nichols has high expectations of students before they get to start making dishes. 

Students should know that there are things that we have to learn and do before we can begin cooking,” Nichols said. You have to show me that you are able to follow directions on a regular day as well. This shows me that when put into the kitchens to cook you would also be able to follow directions.”

Eighth grader Leigha Taylor is on the Navigator team. She has FACS I second hour and she suggests taking the FACS class.

“Ms. Nichols is a kind teacher; she makes the class fun,” Taylor said.