Teams recognize their students efforts


Ismael Chairez

Pathfinder students enjoy their recognition event at Miller Theatres in Blue Springs on Nov. 2.

Jordan Cathey, 5th hour OTMS Productions I

Teams held recognition events for students that met specific criteria for first quarter: miss no more than four days, no ISS/OSS, no more than four tardies, no more than four B-slips,and no D’s or F’s.  Seventh grade held them on Nov. 2 and eighth grade held them on Oct. 31.

Voyager math teacher is Kaitlyn O’Grady and their team took students outside.  She thinks recognition events should continue.

“I think that it is a really good way to reward students for staying on top of their work and just doing what they are supposed to do at school,” O’Grady said. 

Just like the Voyagers, the Navigator team went outside and played kickball. Math teacher Bridget Schinstock thinks that the weather was great and kids enjoyed the event.

“We took [our students’] list of ideas and decided on outside cause it was October and we thought it would be good weather,” Schinstock said. “[Students] seemed to enjoy it and they seemed to enjoy the popsicles.”

Seventh grader Sophia Williamson and some of her friends went outside for the Trailblazer recognition event and played kickball.

“I hung out with Emma Sloan, Celso Rivera, Nathan Blackburn, Cameron Perkins, and a couple more people,” Williamson said.

Seventh grader David Matney is on the Pathfinders team. They went to the movies for their recognition event, but Matney couldn’t participate and had to skip out on it.

“I didn’t get to participate because I had an F at that time,” Matney said.

Eighth grader Kloden Kuntz is on the Navigator team and his team went outside and played kickball for the event. Kuntz didn’t get to participate because he was gone for more than four days because he was sick.

“I had COVID,” Kuntz said. “I even told my mom about it. It really annoyed me.”

The grade cut off date is Monday, December 12, for the next recognition event.