8th grade band struggles as they prepare for first winter concert


Kamicha Jackson

During 7th hour, eighth grade band prepares for their upcoming concert.

Peyton Kleber, 5th hour OTMS Productions I

Currently, the eighth grade band is getting ready for their upcoming concert on Dec. 15 with some struggles.

For the last 23 years Kimberly Kiser has been teaching band. Kiser has been conducting many pieces: “Santa the Barbarian”, “Holly and the Ivy”, “Spirit dance” and “Fantasia on a Catalonian Carol.” A difficult addition to one song is speaking phrases which is a first.

“With the independence from some instruments, the music pieces can sometimes get difficult,” Kiser said.

Some players, especially the players that are the only one of their instruments are having the hardest of times with the new pieces of music. Adin Tonahill, oboe player, has found this especially hard.

“Sometimes I’m going too slow or too fast while playing the music, or I’m not playing the right pitch or just not in tune in general! That makes it harder for me being the only oboe,” Tonahill said.

Kannon-Ryley LeHotta, a tuba player, has found this difficult.

“I’m sort of new to tuba so not knowing some of the things and being the only tuba just makes it somewhat harder, and gets me nervous of messing up, because the whole band is depending on me,” LeHotta said.

Erica Gregory will be conducting “First Noel” as the eighth grade will be performing it with the high school concert band. Overall though the Band conductors Kimberly Kiser and Erica Gregory are so excited to have the students show their parents the work they have put in.

“The band will definitely be ready by the time it’s the concert, and we as conductors feel really confident in the players!” Kiser and Gregory said.