KC Metro Middle School Choral Invitational selects students from Overtures class


Ryan Taylor, 3rd Hour OTMS Productions I

Reagan Mathews, Than Baker, Clare Brown, Jazmyn Moore, Ryan Taylor, Katie-Jo Miller, Dawson Lucas, Dalton Heman, Tyler King, Charlie Friedrich, Finn Snowden and Rhett Dizura had an email waiting in their inbox on Oct. 26 that read, “Congratulations! You have been selected to participate in the KC Metro Middle School Choral Invitational [KCMMSCI]!” This is a very important opportunity for these students.

Katilin Long, the choir teacher, was in charge of picking 12 students out of her fifty choir students to be considered for KCMMSCI. She chose three from each section. The sections are soprano, alto, tenor and bass. The sopranos have the highest notes and the basses have the lowest. Alto and tenor are in the middle. Typically, altos are girls and tenors are boys.

“I picked those students based on talent, work ethic, and class behavior,” Long said. 

One of the students that have those qualities is Mathews. She is an alto in the Overtures class. 

“I have one of the strongest voices in [my] section, so it was easy for me to stand out,” Mathews said.

Lucas is a bass in Overtures. He’s very excited and thankful for this opportunity. 

“I am thankful that Ms. Long picked me, and excited I was one of three bases that she wanted to send to represent OTMS,” Lucas said.

Miller was shocked when she was chosen. She is a soprano. 

“I was honestly surprised, I wanted to do the honor choir because It seemed fun but I was kinda surprised when I got the letter,” Miller said, “I think the reason I was surprised was because I got chosen out of 50 choir kids. I am very grateful that I am getting this opportunity.”

The participation fee for KCMMSCI was $25 and the date of the practice and performance is Dec.3. Not only will students selected be singing with students all over the city, they will be provided with a pizza lunch.