Students take the Missouri Connections Test


Roxy Marsh

A student’s screen shows the results of their inventory. It ranks which career cluster best fits them based off their results.

Roxy Marsh, OTMS Productions II, 5th hour

Students were required to take the Missouri Connections test on Jan. 13. The test asked questions involving career paths and future job opportunities. The test is supposed to help guide students to take the right classes in high school for what job they want in the future.

Kelsey Foster, an eighth grade student says she will be signing up for classes in the human art category, because she ranked highest in that field.

It definitely asked some interesting questions, but I think it was pretty easy and well worth it,” Foster said.

Eighth grader Evan Compton thinks that the test was helpful to find jobs that students find interesting based on their character traits.

“It gave me very interesting jobs and a wide range of jobs to choose from. I really did like the recommendations they gave us,” Compton said.

Eighth grade ELA teacher Michelle Barnhart thinks that the test has the potential of pointing someone in the right direction when they’re planning for the future.

“I think it’s a good start; however, when choosing a career field, I feel there are many other things students could do as well,” Barnhart said.

“For students who know for sure what they want to do in the future, it can be very helpful. However, high school, and even college, should be used for exploration as well. I feel the results should be used with caution and students shouldn’t limit their choices in high school based on a test.”