Reminder to buy your yearbook


A preview of the title page of this yearbook. The theme of the book is “Our Greatest Moments” and students used visual elements like phones and apps throughout the book.

Kealoa Moe, Staff, 5th hour OTMS Productions II

Have you bought a yearbook yet? It’s that time of year when the availability of yearbooks is becoming slimmer.

Last year’s yearbooks didn’t sell as quickly as they have this year. So if you are wanting to purchase one it’s recommended to do so soon. This year yearbooks are selling for $25. You can pay online, with cash, credit card, or check. Online ordering ends on April 28 which also comes with a $3.99 convenience fee.

Virgo Taula, a seventh grader in the Trailblazer team, is in OTMS Productions. She and her partner Aiden Wilson created the spread that was used for some elective classes. Also, some of her photography was used on other pages. She encourages others to buy a yearbook.

“I would recommend people to get a yearbook to look back on the memories made during this school year,” Taula said.

Lorena Rodriguez DeLeon is an eighth grader in the Pioneer team and thinks the purchasing system is well organized.

“It’s simple, easy to understand, and time efficient,” Rodriguez DeLeon said.

Frank Keil is also a seventh grader and is on the Pathfinder team. He thinks that yearbooks are valuable, especially for the future.

“Yearbooks can be special to look back on and recognize old friends 20 years later!” Keil said.

Aaron Shrout, an 8th-grade social studies teacher has purchased his yearbook.

“I feel it is important to have a record of all my students and the other teachers. I will look back on it fondly in the years to come,” Shrout said. “The yearbook students do such a wonderful job and we should support them.”

The teacher of OTMS Productions, Melissa Woodward, is also the yearbook sponsor. She noted only 98 yearbooks are left to buy.

“Our goal is to sell out by the end of school. Only a specific number of yearbooks are printed. Last year by the first week of May we met our goal. So we hope to do the same for this year or better,” Woodward said.